We have been working with mining companies, both major and junior, in mineral exploration for two decades. Our areas of expertise include remotely sensed satellite image processing and interpretation for geological mapping and exploration targeting, feature extraction from images, topographic mapping, mineral mapping and field geological reconnaissance and mapping. We are very good at what we do and pride ourselves in providing a bespoke service, responding in a timely way, and working with our clients to facilitate, complement and enhance their other exploration activities.

We are independent and therefore able to offer unbiased guidance on how best to proceed. We will select, acquire & process appropriate satellite imagery for the project objectives and deliver a series of digital image data products aimed at surface geological exploration, ‘grassroots’ prospecting, logistical planning and/or environmental assessment, for client license areas anywhere in the world.

Using all of the spectral bands of a remotely sensed image dataset, we are able to utilise wavelengths not seen by the naked eye, i.e. the near, short-wave and thermal infrared. Contained within each pixel of a satellite image dataset is indispensable spectral and spatial information from which we extract meaningful geological and mineralogical map data of your area of interest (AOI); identifying oxides & hydroxides, clays, sulphates, carbonates, mafic/felsic silicates as well as discriminating lithologies all of types.

Our image products are GIS-ready, orthorectified to remove terrain distortions and georeferenced to real world coordinates.

Wherever your area of interest is located, we can use this information to help direct, inform and facilitate what you do.