New discoveries and the search for them are the life blood of the mining industry. Exploration of these geologically and geographically diverse areas relies upon thorough investigation and compilation of multi-disciplinary data and the exploitation of varied scientific techniques and methodologies.

Inaccessible, remote and/or sizeable license areas make field investigation of every square kilometre impractical. Thus remote sensing provides the most expedient and cost-effective way of deriving a detailed and synoptic perspective.

The use of web-based global image tools can get you started in the process of using remote sensing but cannot provide you with prospect scale spatial accuracy nor the spectral detail necessary to map rocks and minerals; many different datasets are available that can, if carefully selected, provide the right suite of capabilities to meet your objectives.

Many exploration geologists use our services time and time again because we have their trust. We provide impartial, unbiased help, services and advice, and they realise that, because we are geoscientists, we fully understand their needs.

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